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A fun, educational week-long online summer camp for your child! Black Tie Fine Arts Academy has partnered with Homeschool Spanish Academy to offer accredited language content and accredited music and art curriculum that meets the National Education Standards (NES).

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Wind Down & De-Stress

Students engaging in positive activities through Fine Arts will provide an outlet for emotions, create a sense of achievement, nurture self-expression and improve listening and social skills. Our instructors are trained to recognize cues that will guide the pace, intensity and tone of the lesson to meet the student’s needs.

3 Hours of Daily Engagement

Taught in real time, students enjoy small personal classes that expose them to 1 hour of music, 1 hour of art and 1 hour of Spanish language daily. The option is available to participate in a Fine Arts Intensive which delivers 6 hours of instruction daily.

Brain Booster

Fine Arts instruction is proven to aid in the development of perceptual skills, spatial reasoning and fine motor coordination. Activate every subsystem of the brain through music, art and language and strengthen brain structures that involve motivation and emotion.

Camp Testimonials

"Wow! I had no idea that my daughter would respond to online art lessons like this. She’s more focused and loving the personal attention from the instructor. I can’t believe how she prepares for her 'appointment' and then spends hours drawing and journaling after the class. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for her!"  

Julie K.  - Parent of 2


5-12 Year Olds

The week long camp is for students aged 5 to 12 years old. Each day, the students will participate in a 3 hour long class that will cover Art, Music, and Spanish. Black Tie Fine Arts Academy has partnered with Homeschool Spanish Academy to provide accredited language content in addition to Black Tie Fine Arts Academy's accredited music and art curriculum.


Morning or Afternoon Times

Students can participate in either the morning block or the afternoon block. The morning class runs from  9:30AM - 12:30PM while the afternoon block runs from 1:30PM to 4:30PM.

music - art - spanish

Create groups between 3-10 students

Our small group learning environment ensures that your students will be engaged, learning, and speaking Spanish in each and every class.

Tailor your group size to your needs. Choose from a single group or multiple groups for each grade level, each with their own friendly, dedicated teacher. Groups learn at their own pace in line with their unique, custom-made lesson plans.

Small Group Sizes

***NOTE: Scheduling is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Age Appropriate

All of our materials are age-appropriate and specifically designed for students between the ages of 5-18. Whether your student is in preschool, elementary, or high school, we make sure to include the perfect ratio between text and images. Additionally, all of the links to online videos and games we use have been curated by our staff and vetted by our parents. We are always working to enhance and improve our resources to ensure your student has the best learning experience possible.

Why enroll in our summer camp?

Here are the benefits

Fine Arts Experience

Students gain exposure to Black Tie Fine Arts Academy's accredited and NES compliant music and art curriculum.


The price for the week of summer camp is just $125 per student.


In addition to the art and music content, students will also have the opportunity to experience an hour of Spanish instruction.

Fun and Interactive 

The 3 hour sessions are fun and interactive opportunities for students to learn new skills.

Age Appropriate Curriculum 

The Art, Music, and Spanish material is specifically tailored for students aged 5-12.


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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, more than 124,000 public and private schools have closed their doors in the United States during an unprecedented nationwide shutdown. 21 states have been affected and more than 56.6 million students are being forced to take classes virtually. For schools who wish to continue offering Spanish classes, your best option is to outsource virtual classes to a highly qualified, specialized language school like Homeschool Spanish Academy (HSA)

Who is HSA?

HSA is a pioneer on the frontier of specialized virtual Spanish language education. We tailor our selection of curricula to your school’s needs. Our enthusiastic teachers are certified, native Spanish-speaking professionals with a passion for imparting Spanish fluency to your students.

Why Choose HSA?

Our programs are affordable, efficient, and effective with customizable curricula to promote the overall goals of your institution, whether you’re a hybrid school or University Model school. What’s more, we give you the option of revising and upgrading the course of study based on your students’ needs and your school’s requirements. In addition to our classroom packages, we include direct access to our Care Team. Our committed care experts will help you with registration, payment preferences and tracking, troubleshooting, virtual set-up assistance, grades, student progress, and any other questions you may have about the program. 

We look forward to serving you!

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$125 per Student

5 hours Music, 5 hours Art, 5 hours Spanish

15 Hours of fine arts instruction

Black Tie Fine Arts Academy

Black Tie Fine Arts Academy is a family owned business that has been instructing students in music and art for the past 10 years. To learn more about BTFAA, visit

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Homeschool Spanish Academy has been offering live, 1-on-1 online Spanish classes with native Spanish speaking tutors for the past 10 years. To learn more about HSA, visit

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